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Cannoneers Baseball Day Program Information

Why is the program important and why advertise in it:

  • Gives the audience something to read before and during the game  (and keep score if they like!)
  • The program well-designed and professional-looking
  • Advertising with a non-profit organization generates goodwill for their business
  • Our prices are very reasonable
  • We provide a “seal of approval” for their services or products
  • We will be happy to print ads with coupons

Who will want to advertise with us:

  • Local businesses - large and restaurants, gift shops, optical shops, bookstores, therapists, lawyers, pet stores, hair salons, deli’s, carpenters, coffee shops, clothing shops, banks, dance studios, bakeries,  dentists, piano teachers, and so on.  
  • Self-employed people with businesses cards